Our company participated in the 39th Beijing Electrical Product Exchange Conference in 2018

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                        From September 6th to 7th, 2018, Vice President Wang Qian of Jiangyin Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd. represented the company in the electrical design and equipment information exchange meeting held by Beijing Electric Information Network, and spoke at the meeting, talking about LED today and tomorrow.
                        Thanks for yesterday
                        Vice President Wang came here not only for the communication and promotion of products, but also from the feelings of General Manager Li Xiangchen of our company for more than 20 years on the electrical information network. It has witnessed the struggle of our company. We are pioneers in the LED industry, and we are grateful for the help it has given us in the future. In the future, we will innovate and develop and win-win cooperation!

                        LED today and tomorrow
                        The giant wheel of history is rolling forward, just like the history of the development and growth of our company, the R & D and innovation have never slackened. We started with LED signal lights. After years of hard work, we have successfully cut LED technology into the field of engineering machinery lighting and will definitely replace neon bulbs in the future.

                        We insist on revitalizing national brands
                        Jiangyin Changjiang Electric is an enterprise with 28 years of brand accumulation. Our corporate vision is to continue the brand of Jiangyin Yangtze Electric and become a national brand. Our counterparts, such as Shanghai Ergong and Shanghai Tianyi, have been successively acquired by foreign investors. And we just have to keep this original heart and move on.

                        Not forgetting the original intention, and striving forward, Changjiang Electric will definitely go further!


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